Lionheart Way Renovation Update

Published: 06 October 2023

Lionheart Way Ecology Park is owned and managed by the Parish Council. It is a sensitive ecological area where tree management and groundworks are only permitted following legal processes.

Over recent years the water flow feeding the ecology park has increased, resulting in erosion along the watercourse. To repair and protect the area from further damage the Council appointed the specialist firm, Stonbury Ltd who have experience in dealing with environmental damage to sensitive ecological sites.

Over the last two months over 40 tons of materials have been moved onto the site to address the erosion of the watercourse including bags containing environmentally friendly materials for reinforcement. Hydro Seeding has been sprayed over the top. This is currently green but will turn brown over the next few months.

To protect the gully and make the area safe 100m of wooden fencing have been installed. It is anticipated that the seeding will not become fully established until Spring 2024; the Heras fencing protecting the area will remain in place until then.

The Pond

The pond is fed from natural rising water and from the surrounding land not from the watercourse. The pond has been cleared and the invasive species have been removed. The local vegetation around the pond will naturally grow back over the next 12 months and this will be controlled as part of the new maintenance plan.

On going management of this site is guided by professional advice from ecological experts and arboriculturists. If you have any questions, please contact the Parish Council office who will be able to give further information.