Planning & Highways

The Planning Committee is responsible for responding to the planning applications, consultations, appeals and enforcement matters, tree works applications. This year, it objected to the Crow’s Nest, Kebun and Deacon’s Boatyard’s first application, but did not object to the Pylands Lane/ Sunday’s Hill development. It responded to EBC’s Local Plan proposals, HCC’s Surface Water Management Proposals and Planning for Safe and Well-Maintained Roads in Hampshire. It encouraged the formation of a new Hamble River Valley Forum so that estuarine parish councils could act jointly on Hamble River matters of concerns. Members of the public are welcome to attend and speak at all Planning & Highways meetings.

Meeting are held at The Lowford Community Library, The Lowford Centre, Portsmouth Road, Bursledon, Southampton, Hampshire, SO31 8ES at 7pm

Minutes are in draft formant until approved at the next council meeting. 

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