Financial Management


Each Year Bursledon Council has to set a Budget for the following year.

Funding is drawn principally from a Precept levied on Bursledon Residents.

The Precept is collected by Eastleigh Borough Council.

Details of the amount paid by residents can be found in your Council Tax Bill alongside Police Commissioner, Fire and Rescue Services, County and Borough dues. 


Notice of Audit 2018-19
Annual Governance Annual Return 2018-19
Notice of Conclusion of Audit 2018-29
Internal Auditors Reports 2018-19
Transparency Report 2018-19
Quarterly Accounts 2018-19
Expenditure over £250 2018-19 
Fixed Assets as at 31/03/19


Annual Governance Annual Return 2017-18
Internal Auditors Reports 2017-18
Transparency Report 2017-18
Quarterly Accounts 2017-18
Expenditure over £250 2017-18


Annual Governance Annual Return 2016-17
External Auditors Report 2016-17
Internal Auditors Reports 2016-17
Quarterly Accounts 2016-17
Expenditure over £250 2016-17