Community Governance Review

Published: 01 May 2018

We are carrying out a community governance review in accordance with the provisions of the Local Government and Public Involvement in Health Act 2007, and other relevant statutory provisions.

The aim of the review is to ensure that the arrangements for community governance across the Borough reflect ‘the identities and interests of the community in the area’ and are ‘effective and convenient’.

Community governance reviews provide the opportunity for principal councils to review and make changes to community governance within their areas. It can be helpful to undertake community governance reviews in circumstances such as where there have been changes in population, or in reaction to specific or local new issues.

The review will have regard to the “Guidance on Community Governance Reviews” issued by the Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government and the Local Government Boundary Commission for England.

The review will be conducted in accordance with the terms of reference contained in this document.

Stage 2 consultation

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Bursledon Parish Council

As part of the review Bursledon Parish Council considered the impact of new developments on electoral arrangements and service provision to ensure that boundaries continue to reflect natural communities and that electors are equally represented. The following forms the submission made in the review process. Note the reference to BU1 to BU5 are the polling districts identities. Residents that would be directly affected by the proposals have already received letters from Eastleigh Borough Council.
Local Governance Review of Parish boundaries
Members considered a response to Eastleigh Borough Council on the Local Governance Review …
1 That the part of the Old Netley Ward east of Shop Lane and Grange Road be moved from Hound Parish to Bursledon Parish.
Rationale: the community of Old Netley is an integral part of the community of Bursledon and residents there primarily use services such as schools, community facilities and shops in Bursledon Parish. Three Old Netley residents are already Bursledon Parish Councillors.
2 That the Berry Farm development be moved from Hound Parish to Bursledon Parish.
Rationale: this new community will be an integral part of the community of Bursledon and residents there will primarily use services such as schools, community facilities and shops in Bursledon Parish. With this boundary change the residents of this development would vote at Pilands Wood Centre, which would be more convenient and likely increase turnout when compared with voting at Hound Parish Hall.
3 That Bursledon BU1 be moved from Bursledon Parish to Hedge End Parish.
Rationale: this community will see significant housing growth over the next three years and is primarily an urban extension of Hedge End that will look to Hedge End for local services. The M27 provides a natural and permanent boundary between the two communities.
4 To support the location of existing polling stations, but that the boundary of polling districts BU2 and BU3 be revised so that all of the Reeves Way estate vote at Pilands Wood Centre.
Rationale: the existing polling arrangements broadly work well but with significant housing growth in BU2 this change would help reduce pressure at the Lowford Centre and reduce occasional confusion caused by the estate being split between two polling districts.
5 That there should be no warding within the revised Parish of Bursledon with the Council electing 12 councillors as at present.
Rationale: The Parish Council considers warding could be divisive and prefers an arrangement whereby all councillors represent all the parish.