M27 Smart Motorway

Published: 07 March 2018

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Progress Report

We plan to start advanced works for this scheme on 15 March 2018. These advance works will include surveys of the pavements, drainage, ducting, and ecology along the route.

We will use the survey information to inform the scheme’s detailed design for the main work, which will follow closely after the surveys, with a planned scheme completion of spring 2021.

What Next?

In the lead up to the main works, we will be hosting a Public Information Exhibition in late spring 2018. The exhibition will be held along the route and will allow us to meet with local stakeholder groups including, regular road users, residents, local businesses, organisations and visitors to the area, to inform and alleviate any concerns that the stakeholder groups may have about the Smart Motorway scheme.

The exhibition will be attended by key members of our project team, who will be available to answer any queries attendees may have.

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