Shaping your community

Published: 09 November 2017

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Shaping your community – what is this?

We value the views of our residents and businesses and want to ensure that we involve you in shaping plans for the future of the borough. Shaping your community is a two way process of engagement to enable both sharing and gathering of information. We hope the information on this page will help explain the purpose of a local plan and will help us gain a better understanding of what you value and feel is most important to you within your community and the new communities which will develop over the coming years.

Please note, this engagement is very different to a formal consultation process. All local plans have a formal consultation process. The next consultation period will take place after we have formally agreed a draft local plan. The next consultation will take place during 2018 and at that time, you will have the opportunity to comment on specific options and details set out in the draft local plan.

In the meantime we want to understand your priorities, the information you provide now along with a wide range of evidence from technical studies will be considered in the preparation of the draft local plan.

To help us understand this, please complete this short survey (closing date Sunday 19 November):

For more information please visit the EBC page by clicking here.

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