Frequently Asked Questions


Q. What is a lawned cemetery? 

A. In a lawned cemetery each plot is grassed over with no other adornment and only a Memorial Headstone permitted. Following a burial, plots will be returned to lawn status in preparation for the installation of the memorial.

Q. How do I know it’s a lawned cemetery.

A. When you Purchase the of Exclusive Rights of Burial you sign an agreement acknowledging terms and conditions that it is a lawned cemetery and that only headstone memorials are allowed.

Q. Who can be buried in Bursledon Cemetery?

A. Only current Bursledon residents (or those with close family already buried there) can be buried in Bursledon cemetery. 

Q. When can a memorial be erected

A. Following a full burial a memorial cannot be installed for 12 months. Following an Ashes burial a memorial cannot be installed for 3 months. This is to ensure the ground has settled and the memorial can be installed safely. A TEMPORARY marker cross can be installed until a full memorial is permitted

Q. What Role does Bursledon Parish Council have in arranging an interment?

A. Bursledon Parish Council are the Burial Authority in all matters relating to an interment at the School Lane Cemetery. Any arrangements, related to an interment, planned either by the owner of the Executive Rights of Burial, associated Funeral Directors and/or Stone Masons must be authorised by Bursledon Parish Council before proceeding with an interment at the site. The Cemetery has no connection to St Leonards Church.

Q. How do I know if my plans are being carried out to my request?

A. Only the Owner of the owner of the Exclusive Rights of Burial can engage directly with Bursledon Parish Council; Funeral Directors, Stone Masons or others must have the consent of the owner of the ERB to act on their behalf. Contact by the owner of the ERB with Bursledon Parish Council at each stage is strongly recommended.

Q. Who owns the burial plots in the cemetery?

A. Bursledon Parish Council owns the Cemetery including all burial plots.

Q. What is an Exclusive Right of Burial?

A. An Exclusive Right of Burial grants you permission to inter one full size burial and up to eight ashes burials. You also have a right to place a memorial on a plot subject to the payment of the relevant fee and the memorial complying to the cemetery regulations.

Q. How long does an Exclusive rights of burial last?

A. You buy the Exclusive Rights of Burial for a period of up to 75 years.

Q. As the owner of the Exclusive Right of Burial what am I responsible for?

A. As the owner of the Exclusive Rights of Burial you are responsible for the ongoing maintenance of the memorial only.

Q. How do I buy and an Exclusive Rights of Burial?

A. Arrange an appointment at the Parish Council Offices, who will help you complete you form. Tel: Bursledon Parish Council 0238047535.

Q. How do I pay for an Exclusive Rights of Burial?

A. Payments can only be paid by Bank Transfer to Bursledon Parish Council.

Q. Who is responsible for maintaining the grave?

A. The Parish Council is responsible for the maintenance of the graves and the cemetery but not the memorials.

Q. May I leave flowers or a momento on the grave.

A. Leaving Natural flowers are welcome. Only approved memorials are permitted in the Lawned Cemetery and this can include containers for flowers. Planting of flowers directly on the plot is not permitted in the Lawned Cemetery.

Q. May I put a memorial on a grave?

A. You can only place a memorial on a grave if you own the Exclusive Rights of Burial. You must pay the relevant memorial fee and submit an application to the Council. The memorial must comply to the Councils Cemetery Regulations and must be fitted in the ground by an approved stonemason.

Q. May I install my own memorial?

A. No, only a qualified BRAMM or NAMM memorial mason can install a memorial.