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Planning & Highways News Round-up 

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News around in and around Bursledon…

More new affordable homes…

Travelling around the village you will notice that in three locations there are signs of major construction works.

Sundays Hill – At the junction of Pylands Land and Blundell Lane [at the bottom of the locally known Sundays Hill] you will see the ground works taking shape for a new roundabout and a new access road onto the northern side of Pylands Lane. So why a new roundabout? The scheme here is the start of a two-part development. The first part is new by-pass for Sundays Hill and will eventually link with Heath House Lane; the second is a new development of up to 250 homes 35% of which will be affordable homes.

Bridge Road on the A27 – Here there will be some 90 new homes and again some 35% of the accommodation will be affordable accommodation. There are currently 2 access roads onto the site; but when the scheme is complete the Blundell Lane access will be closed off and a wide area alongside the lane as far north as the pond at Maidenstone Heath will be an open space.

West of Hamble Lane, South of the Boot Sale Site – The mini roundabout at the junction of Jurd Way and Hamble Lane now has an additional access leading onto a new construction site. Like the development site access at Blundell Lane this too will eventually be closed off when construction is complete. The access to the new homes will then be from Bursledon Road to the north. Here there will be an additional 150 new homes and again with 35% being affordable.

Road resurfacing in the conservation area – Over the past few months much needed repairs to the lanes around the conservation area have been completed. Most noticeable the northern section of Kew Lane next to the Allotments. The roads in several parts of the conservation area have suffered from damage caused by a mixture of surface and ground water flooding combined with freezing conditions and heavy vehicle traffic.

Did you know ?!- Bursledon has nearly 7000 residents

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