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keep children safe on chat rooms and social media 

With the internet and social media now part of every day life it is becoming more and more important to make sure children are protected while using these sites and their mobile phones show this advice from the Youth Engagement & Crime Prevention Team (Police, PC – School and Youth Engagement Coordinator, Hampshire Constabulary) to your teenagers it may shock them into thinking about what they share on-line.

‘Sexting & Nude Selfies’

Is someone you’re speaking to online asking you to send nude selfies or sexual pics, or asking you to do things you feel uncomfortable to do?
Pressuring, threatening or pushing someone to send sexual pics online is wrong!!

Remember: Child Sexual Exploitation can also happen online!! Click here to find out more
Did you know?
It is an offence for any person to take, share or possess any sexual or nude image of a person U18.
So what if you are U18?
U18 and taking nude/sexual pics of yourself = offence
U18 and having nude/sexual pics of yourself or others U18 on your phone/device = offence
U18 and sending or sharing nude/sexual pics of yourself or others U18 = offence

Remember: You don’t need to be an adult to commit sexual offences on-line – a criminal record can impact your future employment and freedom to travel abroad

Think before you take or send nude pics….. why not send something else?? Download the Zipit or Send this Instead app!!
Each app gives you killer comebacks and top tips to help stay in control online!! Click the link below to find out more.

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